Top Signs That You May Have Termites

You most likely have heard about termites and the damage that they can cause, but do you know how to look for signs inside and outside your home that can determine if termites may have entered your home? We are going to go over some top things to look for in your home to help determine if you may have a termite infestation.


Termites can do severe damage to the foundation of your home, as they will eat through the wood inside your home until there is none left. It is imperative to complete due diligence on your end as a homeowner to check for the following signs of termites.

Termite Droppings

  • Termite droppings are also called Frass. This is also a good indicator of what type of termites that may have entered your home. Subterranean termites will actually use their droppings to build their tunnels inside your wood. Drywood termites, however, will leave their droppings out of holes near their tunnels. So, if you notice small black droppings or a black powder substance, there is a good chance that termites have entered your home in that area.

Soft Wood

  • Often times, termites will chew through the wood from the inside out, and often times there is a nice finish on the last layer of a piece of wood trim that termites will not eat through. So, before your finger, child’s toy, or vacuum cleaner bumps into a piece of trim and actually breaks through it, be sure to go around your home during a termite inspection and press firmly with your finger. If the wood is soft or flexes when applying pressure, the chances are that you may have a termite issue.

Tough To Open Doors or Windows

  • Window and door frames inside your home are made of wood which means that termites like them too! If some of your windows and doors have become harder to open and close, then it is possible that termites have weakened the integrity of the wood that was used for your framing, causing them to warp. This can cause several problems within weakened security of your windows and doors as well as the protection that they give you from mother nature. If you notice that your windows and doors are not operating the way they are supposed to, then it is important to have a termite inspection done to see if they may be the cause.

Schedule A Free Inspection

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