3 Bugs That May Try To Enter Your Home This Spring

Most of us can not wait until springtime, so we can get outdoors and enjoy the warm air for the first time in several months. Especially with this extra cold and wet winter, we have had here in northern Virginia. What most of us do not realize is that it is not just the warm spring air making its debut for the season. There are several bugs that will emerge and possibly make their way into your home looking for sources of food. We have made a list of the three most popular bugs that you may see this spring.



  • Cluster Fly: Similar to the common house fly, only larger is not known to cause any damage to your home. However, they can be very annoying, and embarrassing if house guests notice them lingering around as they tend to gather around your doors and windows. You can help in preventing them from entering your home by making sure your windows and doors are sealed from any cracks where they can sneak in.
  • Larder Beetles: Larder beetles may enter your walls for a source of warmth over the winter that will emerge during the springtime in search of food. Larder beetles eat meat, pet food, and other insects. These beetles are also not known to cause any damage to your home but can cause damage to any food that is left out. So, make sure to properly secure any food that may be left out or not sealed properly.
  • Stink Bugs: You probably remember when stink bugs made national news for there entrance into the USA in the 1990s, as they are known for a bad odor that they put out when they feel threated. These stinkers will enter your home in the fall and winter, and become more active as the weather warms up. Again, no damage to your home and are just a pain to deal with and embarrassing for your house guests to see. Try replacing the screens in your home if they are damaged and sealing up cracks or crevices that may be on the outside of your home.

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