Stink Bug Control Northern Virginia

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is found throughout Virginia. For homeowners, it is mainly a nuisance pest, as it invades houses in the winter looking for a place to over-winter. They develop throughout the summer and molt to adults in late summer.

They can bite and some people have reported allergic reactions to these bites. When agitated or crushed, they secrete an extremely foul-smelling fluid – treat them with great care.

Stink Bug Control

Any home or structure with a history of having stink bugs over-wintering inside needs to have preventative measures taken during the summer to prevent re-infestation in the fall.

Spot treatments using insecticides can be applied in the early fall around windows, doors, attic vents and other locations on the south and west walls of the structure. Applications have to be carefully timed. Applying too early will allow the insecticide to degrade before the stink bugs begin to come in. Applying after the stink bugs have arrived will allow many stink bugs to still enter the interior of the buildings.

What Can ProTech Pest Control Do

ProTech Pest Control professionals can help homeowners and owner associations by identifying and sealing points of access and carefully timing treatments to eliminate these pests.