Why we use Sentricon

In Northern Virginia, termites can be a nightmare for homeowners. These bugs get into the woodwork of the home, and they do extensive damage. At times, this damage can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Also, a termite infestation will be a hindrance if you ever want to sell your home.

In the past, elimination of termites was a costly endeavor. Chemical sprays were used that were not environmentally friendly. Often, these spray treatments had to be repeated on a frequent basis. The sprays would eliminate many of the termites, but the colony was not entirely destroyed. New termites would simply take the place of the old.

Now, Pro Tech Pest Control is offering residents of Northern Virginia a better and safer option for termite elimination. The Sentricon system is a method of pest control designed to eliminate the entire termite colony once and for all.

When one of Pro Tech’s professional pest technicians comes to your home, he will set out several Sentricon stations around the home’s perimeter. At first, a food that is highly attractive for termites is placed in the stations. When the termites find these stations and make a trail to lead other termites to them, the technician will replace the food bait with a termite bait to eliminate the colony. The termites will then carry this bait throughout the colony.

The Sentricon bait works by inhibiting the growth of the individual termites. Eventually, all of the termites in the colony will come into contact with the bait, and the colony will be no more.

Another benefit of Sentricon in residential areas is that it is a green technology. The active ingredient used in the bait is approved by the EPA.

If you live in Northern Virginia, and you suspect the you might have termites, call Pro Tech today. Pro Tech has a certified, termite detection dog that can determine if your home has termites with a 100 percent guarantee.