ProTech’s Tick Management Program

• An Initial Intensive Service / Treatment
• Followed by Monthly Maintenance Treatments
• The Service Period is usually April thru September (mother nature determines the start and finish)

There are a wide variety of products available for tick control, most notably products containing permethrin. ProTech uses a newer combination of two pyrethroid chemistries consisting of Bifenthrin and Zeta-Cypermethrin. We have found that the efficacy and the residual of the two chemistries to work better than Permethrin alone.

While it is a good idea to take preventive measures against ticks year-round, be extra vigilant in the warmer months when ticks are most active.

Some landscaping techniques that can help reduce tick populations:
• Remove leaf litter.
• Clear tall grasses and brush around homes and at the edge of lawns.
• Place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas.
• Mow the lawn frequently.
• Stack wood neatly and in a dry area (also discourages rodents).
• Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees.
• Discourage unwelcome animals (such as deer, raccoons, and stray dogs) from entering your yard by constructing fences.
• Remove old furniture, mattresses, or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide.

Some personal protective measures that can help reduce the opportunity for tick bites:
• Wear light-colored clothing to easily spot ticks.
• Avoid wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter.
• Walk in the center of trails.
• Conduct a full-body tick check using a hand-held or full-length mirror to view all parts of your body upon return from tick-infested areas.
• Bathe or shower as soon as possible after coming indoors (preferably within two hours) to wash off and more easily find ticks that are crawling on you.
• Examine gear and pets. Ticks can ride into the home on clothing and pets, then attach to a person later, so carefully examine pets, coats, and day packs.
• Tumble clothes in a dryer on high heat for an hour to kill ticks.