Avoiding Pests When You Travel

Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away This Summer It’s almost the start of Summer, which means summer vacation is right around the corner. With all the things you have to think about during your vacation, we urge you to add one more thing to your list; avoiding pests while traveling. The last thing you want to worry about after returning from vacation is bringing a pest back to your home.

Pests To Watch Out For When Traveling

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Flies

Each of these pests can stow away in your luggage and make it back to your home. Make sure you take the proper precautions to avoid bringing a pest back from vacation. Follow these key tips to keep you and your home safe from a pest invasion after traveling.

  • Do your research. Before you book your hotel, do your research. Most hotel goers are honest in the review portion of a website site to help deter other hotel goers from booking with a bad hotel. If a hotel has experienced pest issues, you may be able to find it in a hotel review. Do not book a hotel that has a history of pest control issues.
  • Keep your area clean. Keep your hotel room clean. Do not leave food and drinks out in the open. Certain pests are drawn to mess and clutter.
  • Thoroughly inspect your hotel room. Pests have a habit of leaving clues that they’ve been in your hotel rooms. You may want to check for signs like blood spots (bed bugs only), pests droppings, and gnaw marks. When checking for signs of pests, you should check the bed frames, furniture, windows, kitchen area, bathroom, walls, and floor.

At ProTech Termite and Pest Control, we are committed to helping our patients address their pest control problems. We understand that some pest control issues are beyond your control, but other issues can be prevented if the proper steps are taken.

If you have pests, termites, or bed bugs, please contact Protech Termite and Pest Control. We offer a full range pest control services. To learn more about our services, call (866) 500-1536 or schedule an inspection online.