Benefits of Professional Pest Control With ProTech Pest

Need a professional solution to your home’s pest problems? ProTech Pest Control is Springfield, Virginia’s leading company in pest control and elimination. Their dedicated and professional staff can help rid your home of destructive pests without the use of harmful chemicals and noxious solutions. ProTech Pest uses a Spectraguard method, which is a five step integrated pest management control solution.

What is “Spectraguard?”

The Spectraguard system is a five point solution that will rid your home of pests and continually monitor your home and property for pests so that action can be taken to keep your environment clean and safe. The Spectraguard solution includes the following:

•Detailed inspection performed by a licensed pest management professional.
•Custom professional assessment and treatment strategy tailored for the unique needs of each individual property.
•Initial treatment and the installation of pest monitoring devices
•Installation and inspection of Sentricon Termite colony elimination system
•Inspection and monitoring of devices and targeted treatments every other month.

Protech will install devices that will monitor for pests and rodents, and will use only environmentally friendly, EPA approved products and methods to rid your home and property of destructive lifeforms.

Services also include the removal of all spider webs and wasps nests inside and outside the home and the treatment of under siding and slider door tracks, which can hold moisture that acts as a magnet to unwanted insects and pests. Granular or liquid insect repellent can also be applied around the perimeter of the home as per the manufacturers recommendation, making your home a hostile environment to pests but safe and comfortable for you.

ProTech Pest Solutions is your number one option in northern Virginia to for professional and environmentally friendly pest control solutions. Contact ProTech Pest for a free online quote today.