Spring & Summer Pest Predictions For Virginia

Twice a year the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) shares its predictions for the upcoming pest seasons based on weather patterns in each region of the United States.

Mosquito-Protection-Northern-VirginiaFor those of us in the Virginia area the winter weather has been warmer than usual and moist. By looking back at previous weather and examining pests’ biological behaviors, experts can make predictions on future pest activity.  This information, along with forecasted weather, can give us an indication of what pests will impact our area of the country most.

Due to a warmer wetter winter and a predicted wetter Spring season, Virginia residents can expect to see a rise is termite and mosquito activity.  Heavy rainfall this spring can also cause an increase in mosquito activity earlier than in past years.

What Can Virginia Residents Do To Prepare For Mosquitos?

  • remove the source of breeding grounds by eliminating and/or replacing any necessary standing water weekly (such as birdbaths, ponds and unfiltered pools).
  • for ponds; introduce mosquito eating fish to the habitat
  • for the home; seal screens on doors, windows and other entryways
  • for the homeowner; wear long shirts and pants treated with repellent and protect exposed skin with repellent.
  • contact a Pest Management Professional to Help Prevent and Control mosquitoes


What Can Virginia Residents Do To Prepare For Termites?

You can’t assume your home is termite-free just because you’ve never seen them – they only swarm once or twice a year, and you might miss it!

Spring is prime season as swarmers, winged termites, emerge in search of new colonies. A termite inspection from ProTech Pest Control is the best way to ensure your home is protected.  Call 866.500.1536 or request an appointment online.