Spring Clean & Protect Your Home From Pests

Spring-clean A

Spring is here and the cleaning has commenced in many homes throughout the country.  As homeowners focus on cleaning the windows and shampooing the carpets, pests like ants, spiders and rodents may continue to occupy their home.

Make Your Home An Unwelcome Environment For Pests…

Ants are often a huge concern inside the home and can nest in a variety of places. Like many insects they prefer an accessible food and water source and can be found frequently in the kitchen.

When spring cleaning your kitchen be sure to wipe down kitchen shelves, removing and inspecting all food.  Protect your open unexpired food in seal-tight containers.  Move and throughly clean under any stationary objects in the kitchen.

Bathroom counters, cabinet and floors should also be throughly cleaned.  Homeowners can prevent pests like silverfish from bathroom dwellings by reducing the amount of moisture in the room.  The use of a bathroom exhaust fan or simply wiping up water can deter these prevents from lurking around the bathroom.

The basement is an ideal spot for many pests seeking a dark, cozy place to hide.  Spiders and rodents are commonly found in these cluttered underground basements.  Organize your basement belongings and store them in plastic tubs instead of cardboard boxes. As for any room in the house, secure any entry points such as cracks or crevices with caulk.

When To Call Professional Pest Control…

Even though you’ve taken necessary steps to deter pests from entering your home this spring, you may find a problem out of your control.  Contact a professional pest control company to maintain a healthy living environment for your family.

ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia offers pest control services year round to prevent infestations. Contact them today to have your home or business inspected and prepared for pests no matter what the season!