Protect Your Vehicle From Winter Rodents

cold chains

If given the opportunity, mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents can do some surprising damage to your vehicle.  Rodents are infamous for squeezing their way into the most precarious places to seek warmth and shelter during winter months.  These critters can gnaw on wires and other auto parts, leaving vehicle owners with costly repairs.

The warmth of a recently used automobile can be an attractive home for rodents.  Food crumbs and other tasty morsels that are left behind in the vehicle can also help make for a desirable rodent home.

In addition to protecting your home from these critters this season, vehicle owners can take steps to ward off a rodent infestation…

  • Check under your vehicle’s hood for rodent droppings, gnawed wires, and nests periodically through winter; especially if you live in a rural area.
  • Keep the area around your vehicle free of food, trash or debris where rodents can hide.
  • Keep your car’s interior free of crumbs, trash and debris.
  • Keep nearby shrubbery and vines cut back.
  • If you store your car in a garage, block any gaps or rodent entrance holes.

If you find signs of an infestation contact a licensed mechanic for an assessment  and repair of your vehicle.  To help alleviate a pest problem in your home call a licensed professional in your area.

ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia offers pest control and Rodent Abatement Packages to protect your greatest investments.  Contact ProTech Pest for a free online quote.