Protecting Your Home Against Unwanted Pests

Pest control concept with insects exterminator silhouette flat vector illustration set

Most homeowners don’t think about unwanted pests until they discover them in their own home. And while homeowners are currently preparing for the holidays, these uninvited house guests are preparing to take up residency for the winter.  Luckily, ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia offers pest control services to help keep unwanted pests at bay.

To avoid infestations home and business owners should take these extra precautions to protect their property and their health before the winter season…

  • check the perimeter of your home or business and seal any visible cracks or crevices, especially around pipes
  • eliminate any moisture sources including leaking pipes and clear leaves from drains and gutters
  • make sure your chimney and any out-going vents have a screen installed
  • repair damaged window or door screens and install door sweeps on exterior doors
  • check basement windows for any gaps and install weatherstripping where needed
  • make sure outside garbage cans have tight fitting lids and keep food stored indoors in protected containers
  • keep firewood elevated outdoors and at least 20 foot from the home, be sure to brush it off before bringing it indoors.


If you suspect a winter pest problem out of your control call a professional to help eliminate it. ProTech Pest Control of Northern Virginia offers pest control services year round to prevent infestations. Contact them today to have your home or business inspected and prepared for pests no matter what the season!