How To Have An Ant-Free Summer

Group of ant green Background and Bokeh

August is a great time to enjoy delicious backyard barbecues with friends and family. But at your next event beware of party crashers in the form ants searching for a steady food source.

Your kitchen is party central for not only the human guests, but for unwanted pests looking to gorge themselves on treats in moisture laden areas.  Food preparation messes attract ants that can contaminate your party spread and cause more serious hazards to your home.

How to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Prevention is key to keeping these summertime pests at bay.  Take precautions to stop ants from invading your space this summer…

  • Keep food surfaces clean (especially in the kitchen), and keep floors swept after meals.
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink, instead clean up areas of food preparation in a timely manner.
  • Keep a tight cover on stored foods.
  • Rinse out any recycling before tossing into the bin. Take out the trash daily and keep trash and recycling bins a good distance from the home.
  • Don’t leave pet’s bowls of food out.  Collect the bowls right after they have eaten.
  • Don’t allow moisture to accumulate on counters and other surfaces, ants seek out water  and stay near its source.
  • Repair & caulk any cracks or entry points in your home around the foundation.  Repair any potential leaks from pipes and faucets.
  • Keep firewood elevated and away from the home.  Cut tree branches back and away from the house.


When to Call a Professional Pest Management Company

If preventative measures have failed and you find your home under ant invasion call a professional pest control company to help diagnose and eliminate the problem.  ProTech Pest Control of Northern Virginia administers a four step process to safely control the ant problem in your home or place of business.

Contact ProTech Pest for a free online quote and get back to enjoying a pest-free summer!