Carpenter Bees

These large bees have a slight resemblance to bumble bees, but their bare, shiny black abdomen is the best way to recognize them.  Much more than just a buzzing nuisance, Carpenter Bees can cause serious damage as they bore holes in wood to create nests to lay their eggs.  The male carpenter bees are the most aggressive, hovering in front of people that get near their nests, however they do not have stingers.  The female bees do have stingers, but will only sting if provoked.  Carpenter Bees are attracted to soft wood such as cedar, pine, redwood and cypress and prefer wood that is bare, weathered and unpainted.  They may target typical wooden objects found on and around the house including decks, shingles, fences, windowsills and wooden lawn furniture.  If homeowners are experiencing a problem with these insects, the best action to take is to call a professional pest control company.