Where Did All The Insects Go This Winter?

Have you ever thought about where bugs go in the winter?  Do they just magically disappear when the cold hits then reappear the following year in spring?  Or do they just die off in the winter months?  Insects are highly adaptive creatures that have devised ways of surviving through the winter by various means depending on their origin of species.

It is true that some insects head south for the winter like the migratory pattern of birds.  Monarch butterflies are an example of amazing migrating insects that make the journey as far as Mexico and return the next year!


Group of ant green Background and Bokeh

Ants take a different approach that resembles hibernation characteristics.  They feed on as much food as they can in the fall before going deep underground  or under rocks where they can survive for weeks without eating.  As the temperature rises, they come out and get back to business.


Bedbugs are of a hardy stock and can withstand further extremes in temperature.  From almost freezing to 122 degrees these pests can survive varying climates.  It takes a few days in below freezing temps to kill off these insects.  They are also destroyed by exposure to extreme high temperatures; a process used by pest control companies.


Some cockroaches live outdoors in milder climates and find a home indoors when the temperature drops.  Others take up residency inside homes year round as long as there is a water and food source nearby.


Mosquitos hibernate during the winter in safe, protected places until the weather warms and they can locate a food source.  At this time the females begin developing eggs and the cycle continues.


Termites‘ winter experience is dependent upon the species and its climate.  Some that live in warmer climates or in warm homes can be active year round.  Others will find shelter and emerge in the spring.

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