Bed Bug Problem? ProTech Pest Can Help!

What do you do if you are faced with a devastating bed bug problem?  Call an expert!

ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia offers the most effective service for the inspection and  treatment of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs On Pillow

Our resident K9 Certified Bed Bug Detector can detect the presence of bed bugs through smell when not visible by sight. This allows a safer, quicker and more cost effective solution for bed bug inspection.

Once the pests are identified, Protech Pest Control delivers the expertise and resources to  then thoroughly check the bed and location around a suspect bed. Special attention is devoted to mattress seams and sheets, to nearby furniture and wall crevices, seeking out locations where the pests lay dormant during the day.

Signs of infestation can include small fragments of shed skin from juvenile bed bugs and nasty red welts on the skin of the humans that have been fed upon.

Bed bug elimination can be effectively achieved through heat treatments by exposing the infestation to powerful heat fans.  Heat is essentially forced into infected areas, destroying the bed bugs and their eggs. During treatment we will monitor heat levels to ensure total eradication over the course of a pre-determined time frame.  The treatment is a safe and effective way to not only kill bed bugs,– it can also kill bacteria, viruses, allergens and spores.

After treatment, our trained ProTech Pest technicians will follow-up with any additional service and inspections.  You can prevent future infestations by vacuuming suitcases after trips and separately disposing of the waste.

If you suspect a bed bug problem in your home or place of business contact the experts at ProTech Pest.  Our technicians are continually trained and educated on pest control problems including the elimination of bed bugs.  At ProTech Pest Control we work to help clients get the best results at the best price.