Keep Rodents from Coming in from the Cold

cold chains

The cold is creeping into Northern Virginia which means that creatures may be creeping into your warm home.  With the start of the cold season we see an increase in rodent populations in the area.  These rodents live near homes and businesses that can supply them with food and shelter.  It is important to take precautions to prevent mice and rats from damaging your home and spreading disease.

Eliminate Food Sources

Commensal rodents (ones that live closely to humans) are found throughout the region.  They seize every opportunity to get inside a warm house and find their next meal.  Start by eliminating the food source around the exterior of your home.  When taking out the trash, store garbage outside in sealed cans– not plastic garbage bags where rodents can access food.  Birdseed and pet food is also a favorite of rodents.  Feed your pets inside and clean up any excess of discarded birdseed.

Eliminate Shelter

Pick up any ripe fruit or vegetables growing in the garden and maintain your yard to eliminate a food source and the potential for shelter with garden debris.  Remove any junk piles of building materials such as bricks and boards and store firewood off of the ground.   Cut back tree and branches that may be too close to your home, giving access to rodents that can jump.  Inspect your garage and shed for potential harboring sites.

Seal Off Access to Your Home

Rodent proofing your home before the cold weather is best to prepare for the season ahead.  Mice and rats can squeeze through holes that are a fraction of their size.  Prevent their entry in gaps and holes in and around your home by sealing the holes with steel wool and/or caulk, depending on the size of the hole.

If all else fails, call a professional to eliminate your rodent infestation.  ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia is a full service residential and commercial pest control company.  Contact them for a complete rodent inspection and solution.