Animal-Proof Your Home For Winter


It’s that time of year when everyone is heading indoors to find warmth and comfort–especially unwanted animals.  It’s important to take appropriate measures to keep out these uninvited guests.  Not only can these pests damage your home and garden, they can spread disease.  ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia urges you to prepare your home for possible invasion during the upcoming winter months.

As these wild animals seek shelter and food in human environments they will focus in on areas close to their current habitat like forests, parks and recreational areas as well as vacant buildings.  While you hope to never encounter one of these pests in your home, it is recommended to contact a professional to have the animal trapped and removed.

Follow these tips this winter to prevent animals from entering your home.

  • Do not feed wildlife, this will encourage them to stick around for a handout.  And keep any pet food indoors.
  • Clean up those pile of leaves and debris that could make for a comfortable creature spot around your home.
  • Keep garbage cans secured with a lid.
  • Cut back tree limbs if they hang over or near the house.  This gives some animals easy access to the home.
  • Check your home’s roof for damage and possible areas of entry.
  • Install sweeps on exterior doors and repair any damaged outside screens.
  • Seal any openings including exhaust fans, attic vents or dryer vents with the appropriate covering.


If you still find your home invaded by wildlife, call a professional.  ProTech Pest has experience in controlling wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons and possums in the Northern Virginia area.  Contact them for a consultation to pest proof your home.