Be Prepared for Fall Rodent Season

gray rat

As temperatures drop in Virginia this fall residents should be on the lookout for native rodents seeking shelter for the winter.  Your home or business may be a warm and inviting place for commensal rodents (those rodents that live closely with humans), particularly the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse.

These jumping, climbing, swimming and gnawing rodents have adapted to live in, and  near homes causing damage and spreading disease.  The Norway rat typically nests in burrows with access close to a food source.  The long and slender roof rat often resides in tress, on roofs, eaves, crawlspaces or attics.  The house mouse will also seek warmth indoors and will tend to stay within close range of their nest and source of food.

Tips for Keeping Your Home or Business Rodent-free

  • Place all garbage in cans with a tight lid; not a plastic bag that rodents can access.
  • Keep pet food and bird food contained and not on the ground outdoors.  Clean up pet yard waste from the ground as well.
  • Dispose of ripe fruit and vegetables from trees and gardens.
  • Remove piles of debris such as yard waste or building materials that can provide shelter for rodents.
  • Be sure to trim trees and tree limbs so that they are not near the structure allowing rodents to climb aboard.


Most importantly, if you suspect a rodent problem in or around your home or business contact a professional to assess the situation.  These rodents have the potential to live in and near homes and businesses, causing damage and spreading disease.

Jim Selnow of ProTech Pest reports, “Rodent populations are increasing throughout Virginia. We have seen an increase of up to 50% in rodent service calls in recent years”.

ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia employs trained professionals to find rodent habitats, understand the problem and determine which treatment and prevention will eliminate the infestation from your home or place of business.

For more information contact ProTech Pest or get a free online quote today.