Prevent A Fall Stink Bug Infestation

According to the National Pest Management Control Association the hot, humid weather of summer has allowed for insects such as the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug to develop faster than normal by providing ample sources of food.

Many people in the Virginia area may find that stink bugs are a major nuisance during the fall months. When the temperature outside drops, the adult stink bug may seek shelter inside homes.

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Beyond being a nuisance, stink bugs have the ability to bite, potentially causing an allergic reaction to the person on the receiving end.  These bugs will also excrete a foul-smelling fluid when disturbed or crushed.

Preventative measures need to be taken in order to prevent a stink bug infestation. Experts recommend applying insecticide in early fall. This insecticide should be applied to the attic vents, doors, windows and west walls. It is important for these insecticides to be applied during the appropriate time.

The insecticides cannot be applied too early or too late. If you apply insecticide too early, then it will degrade before the stink bugs enter. Stink bugs can infest the building if one waits too late before applying the insecticide to the area.

It is important to contact a professional if you are concerned about stink bugs. The professionals at ProTech Pest of Northern Virginia have the knowledge and experience to identify stink bug points of entry.  They will then be able to seal those points in order to prevent the stink bug from entering while ensuring that these treatments are carefully timed.

ProTech Pest serves both commercial and residential customers. Their goal is to help you keep your home or business free of unwanted pests. ProTech Pest understands that pests in your home or place of business can be a nuisance, which is why they strive to help you get rid of them as soon as possible.