We Can Solve Your Pest Control Problems

Seeing pests crawl around your house or spotting their droppings in the hallways is an unpleasant experience. Not only do these pests contribute to unsanitary conditions, but they can also carry diseases with them that have the potential to hurt your family members and pets. Instead of spending another day with unsightly and potentially dangerous critters in your home, call Protect Pest to speak with a consultant.

Treatment01With more than thirty years in the business, we know what methods work and which ones don’t. We offer free inspections and estimates, which helps to alleviate your mind of some financial fears. Also, no risk exists in getting an inspection done if you suspect that critters have taken over the house. Our experts may find that you’re already free of pests, and if you’re not, we’ll get you there.

Not only can we come to your house to check the space out, but we can also investigate commercial properties and homes that you’re planning to purchase. On top of that, we offer emergency services for those intense situations that just cannot wait any longer for assistance. We guarantee that our services will provide results, and we work with you to ensure that the problem does not come back into fruition. You can speak with our specialists about strategies for ensuring that the pests stay away from your home, and we will work with you to craft a prevention plan for the future. Our specialists don’t just leave and walk away; we’re invested in long-term results.

We also have experience working with a variety of pests. Whether you need to eliminate insects, rats or mice, we have the tools and methods necessary to do so. In fact, we have a K9 detection team to help free your home of termites and bed bugs. Whatever the problem is when it comes to pests, we have a solution. In order to start learning about the different options that are available for your home and to schedule a consultation for your free inspection and estimate, give us a call at Protech Pest today.