Be Prepared For An Active Wasp & Bee Season!

As the summer season begins the chance to enjoy some outdoor time is on the minds of most people who want to enjoy some sunshine and the warm outdoor weather. However, with the warmer weather come a large number of biting and stinging insects that can make it difficult to enjoy these splendors when single wasps or colonies of bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets invade a property. In most cases, the best option for ensuring the removal of a colony successfully is to employ a professional pest removal service, such as Protech Pest Services to ensure the safety of those living and working in an area.

The problem of bees, wasps and other flying insects arriving at a property is a difficult one to handle as a number of people are allergic to the stings of these insects and are often placed in danger when a colony arrives. For others, the fear of being stung and the nuisance value of yellow jackets, hornets, wasps and bees means their problems far outweigh their benefit. Noticing a sudden increase in flying insect activity usually means a colony has established a hive or nest in an area, which needs to be identified and destroyed to reduce the risks posed to the public.

A property owner can take a look around their area and identify a hive or nest that may have been established in an area before looking to have it removed. Wasps, bees and other stinging insects all establish nests in trees, beneath the eaves of a property and in windows that provide a sheltered location. If a hive is located high in a tree or beneath the eaves of a property many property owners simply choose to ignore the problem and wait for the first frost to arrive and destroy the colony.

Qualified Protech Pest Services professionals have the skills to remove any nests and hives from a property and make the area safe from the dangers of flying insects causing problems in any area.  Contact us today for a free online quote and get back to enjoying the outdoors this summer.