Are Termites Eating Your Home?

Termites are wood eating insects famous for causing stress and worry in homeowners across the nation. It is estimated that termites are responsible for over 5 billion dollars in property damage every year in the United States.  Generally, termite damage is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy because it is considered preventable through proper home maintenance.

Since termites typically hide in inaccessible areas of the home, infestations can go undetected by homeowners for years.  That’s why as a homeowner it is important to be aware of the potential danger of an infestation and to be on the look-out for its signs:

Signs of Termite Damage

  • Mud tubes (used by termites to reach a food source) on the exterior of the home
  • Soft wood in the home that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Darkening or blistering of wood structures
  • Cracked or bubbling paint
  • Small piles of feces that resemble sawdust near a termite nest
  • Discarded wings near doors or on windowsills indicating swarmers have entered the home


How We Can Help

Some of these signs may be apparent, but in most cases it is difficult to diagnose a termite problem in its early stages before significant damage is done.  Your home is likely your most valuable investment and prevention is key to avoiding a termite infestation in and around it.  Hiring a certified professional to perform a thorough inspection is the best way to confirm if a termite infestation is present in your home.

Hire a VPMA (Virginia Pest Management Association) Certified Inspector.  At Protech Pest Control of Northern Virginia our certified termite inspectors are trained and experienced in termite detection and can provide a treatment plan to help protect your home.  We offer the Sentricon® System as part of a treatment program to bait and eliminate termites for year round control.  Our Certified Sentricon Specialist will install and service the system to effectively protect your home against termite damage.

Contact Protech Pest Control to learn more about termite control and how we can eliminate dangerous pests from your home.