Bothersome Bed Bugs

In recent years the bothersome bed bug population has been on the rise due to their resistance to pesticides, and scientists are struggling to learn more about these pests. In the meantime, Protech Pest of Virginia would like to clear up some myths about the bed bug and offer some advice on how to prevent them from infesting your home.


  • Bed bugs are not microscopic. You can see a bed bug, nymphs (an immature form) and its eggs with the naked eye.
  • Bed bugs aren’t attracted to dirty places. They seek warmth in cluttered spaces and blood from any warm-blooded animal.
  • They do not transmit diseases.  There is no proven evidence to suggest it.
  • They don’t just feed at night.  Light & daytime does not deter them from biting.


Like many pests the bed bug can take up residence in your home by crawling into cracks and crevices.  You may not be aware that you have brought a bed bug problem home in luggage after traveling.  It’s recommended to vacuum out the luggage and dispose of that waste when returning home.

If you detect a bed bug in your home, call a professional for an inspection.  Roxy, our resident bug detector at Protech Pest can determine the areas of infestation by smell.  This is an effective and efficient way to find all areas in need of treatment. After inspection, our Protech Pest technician will determine the appropriate treatment and administer it with your approval. They will then return for a followup service and inspection.

And as the saying goes, Protech Pest will have you sleeping tight without the bed bugs!  In addition to eliminating bed bugs we offer free inspections and estimates, home protection plans, emergency services, real estate inspections and commercial services. Get a free online quote or contact us to request more information on our services.