Keep Out Uninvited Pests This Winter

Is Jack Frost driving unwanted pests into your clean cozy home this winter?  As temperatures continue to drop in the area, the pest population may be on the rise inside your home.  While some unfriendly pests are in hibernation, others are setting up shop inside homes searching for food options and seeking shelter.

While good sanitation is key to keeping pests at bay, here’s an idea of who and what to be on the look out for this winter:

House Mice

House mice prefer to nest in attics and basements where it tends to be dark and cluttered.  They can fit through holes and cracks much smaller than their tiny bodies, so be sure to inspect your home for any gaps around siding, door and window screens then take measures to seal any potential areas of entrance.  Droppings are an obvious sign of invasion but be on the look out for gnarled and damaged food and objects– especially electrical wires.


Like house mice, rats are known for nesting in basements and can cause serious damage to  property by gnawing its way through pipes, wires and other home materials to find water and food sources.  Inspecting your home for gaps and openings and caulking possible entryways can help to ward off these intruders.  Other wildlife such as raccoons have been known to seek refuge inside through attics and chimneys.


Chilly temperatures will also drive cockroaches inside to seek food, water and shelter during the cold months. Commonly found in moisture laden areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, these pests can even hitch a ride indoors on firewood so be sure to store it outside away from the home.  A host of other firewood insects may try to take comfort in the warmth of hearth and home.  Take precautions to inspect and store wood properly.


Although many species of spiders have proven to be beneficial to the elimination of some pests in the insect world, there are a few species that can harm and will seek the protection of undisturbed indoor spaces.  Some spiders may bite if disturbed.  It is recommended to seek medical attention to treat a spider bite.

Don’t let pesky houseguests overrun your home and threaten the health of you and your family.  Call an expert at Protech Pest to solve your winter pest problems.  They offer a range of residential and commercial services in Northern Virginia.