Baiting with Sentricon is best for year round pest control.

At ProTech Termite & Pest Control in Virginia, we truly believe that baiting is best!

About 10 years ago, we started practicing what we were preaching and stopped selling liquid termiticides. Today, we offer the Sentricon® System as the only termite control product our more than 2,000 customers need for year round control.

“We were early adopters of Sentricon,” says owner Brian Delaney. “Offering this green alternative fit in with our customers’ desires for their household. That’s one of the reasons we were attracted to Sentricon in the first place.” Today, being able to provide termite control that is least harmful to the environment is an important part of our philosophy.

The results speak for themselves: Sentricon cured a “nightmare” infestation several years ago. A church had beautiful wooden arches inside the building that were being eaten by termites.
“It was a nightmare for the customer,” explains Brian. “We were worried the whole church was going to come down. It was being eroded by termites and no one could get rid of them. With Sentricon, we got rid of them in a few months. The customer was so happy. Sentricon solved the problem.”

Watch this short video to understand why termite prevention is important to protect your investment in your home. Protech Pest offers monthly treatment plans to provide both the protection you need- and peace of mind!

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