Spring is Coming! Control Wildlife as the Weather Heats Up!

As spring arrives so do all those beautiful creatures that invade our yards, tear up our flowers and attack our gardens. We understand your situation and here at ProTech Termite and Pest Control we put over 30 years of experience to work for you. Our safe, humane methods of wildlife control allow us to remove these animals, rodents and insects from your home, business or property.

We are a full-service pest control company with a variety of options that allow us to provide the personal, customized solutions you need. Whether its squirrels, chipmunks, termites, snakes or various other inhabitants, they can wreak havoc on your roofs, attics and yards quickly. Our partnership with wildlife exclusion services allows us to safely remove these pests and prevent further damages to your property. By using EPA approved products and methods, as well as our Integrated Pest Management system, you can have the services you need without worrying about chemicals and pesticides.

Our team offers a 5-step solution to manage pest control situations. We begin with an initial inspection to determine the extent of the problem. Then we arrange a custom care package solution that will help you reduce, remove or eliminate these animals or insects. By using the latest technology available, we keep you and your family safe from environmental pollutants and contaminants in the process. Routine care and regular inspections allow us to keep a handle of your future situation and protect your property from large-scale invasions and extensive damages later on.

Look forward to spring knowing that ProTech is just around the corner with the solutions you need. As a family owned and operated business, we share your concerns about our world and keeping it safe for our future generations. Our insured, licensed and bonded specialists will provide an accurate assessment from the beginning and answer any questions you have. Learn more about the many ways we protect you, your family and your investment with our “green” solutions and humane treatment of invading wildlife.