The 5-Step Integrated Pest Management Solution

Pests are the unwanted guests in Virginia homes that make them feel uncomfortable, as well as causing significant structural damage each year. Termites cause millions of dollars of damage a year. Bed bugs have made an alarming resurgence in recent years. Stink bugs have been around for awhile and are a well-known pest in Virginia. Rats and mice are a continuing concern.

Springfield residents have tried various treatments to get rid of these pests. Usually homeowner treatments are limited and short-lived. Insects such as termites can be pervasive and hard to detect, and rodents live in walls and multiply quickly, making it difficult to eradicate them. A comprehensive pest program is needed which is year-round, tailored to the specific area, and includes monitoring as well as control.

What makes Protech pest control different from other pest control companies is that the pest control we provide is specialized and unique to each Virginia home. Our service is comprehensive, and it includes ongoing monitoring, which is important, because real pest detection cannot be done in a single visit. Our technicians are continually trained in the latest techniques for pest control, so that we are able to provide Springfield residents with the best, most advanced pest control possible. Our Protech detection team includes an expert K-9 unit, trained to sniff out the location of bed bugs and termites.

Homeowners and businesses alike will want to sign up for our 5-Step Integrated Pest Management Solution, which is literally a ground-breaking solution to pest management. It incorporates an ongoing program of monitoring, detection, and pest removal and cleanup services. It is innovative because it is geared to removing and preventing all pests in your home or business, rather than targeting just one. Included in this package, in addition to the normal pest control services, are such out-of-the-ordinary services as spider web removal, vacuuming of slider door tracks, and sealing of openings around air conditioner lines and utilities. Every area of the home which has the potential to be an area of pest invasion is detected and repaired. For the first time, Springfield homeowners and business people can relax, knowing that our company will provide services for comprehensive pest prevention, not just after-the-fact control.