Professional Pest Control Services

Property owners are urged to regularly spray their homes with a pest control solution. There are several pest control products sold over the counter. However, over the counter products might not eliminate all pests. Industrial strength products are needed to eliminate a severe insect and rodent problem. The experts at Protech Pest Control can eliminate insect and rodent problems.

Ants are a common pest problem. Homes that are infested with ants need more than a can of bug spray. Industrial strength products are needed to eliminate an ant infestation. There are two reasons why a simple can of bug spray will not eliminate the problem.

First, the large number of ants cannot be killed with one can of bug spray. Second, there could be more than one type of ant in the home. Fire ants are a common problem in Virginia. Ordinarily, fire ants are found outside. However, in some cases they can dwell in the foundation and come up into the floor. The ants are small and red. Their bites can be lethal. Carpenter ants are the most widely recognized insect in the United States. They are black ants, and they are known for destroying wood. Both types of ants have specific treating methods.

The experts at Protech pest control will identify the type of pest or rodent infestation in the home. When the pest is identified, the experts will create a barrier around the home. They will treat rocks and other items outside the home. They will also treat cracks in walls, windows and doorframes. The experts at Protech will use the appropriate pest control treatment. Rodent monitoring stations will be installed. Spider webs will also be removed. The follow-up treatment will include a repeat of the things done on the first visit. The experts will also check other areas of the home for insect or rodent infestation.