K-9 Pest Control Team

You’ve heard of dogs that search for escaped criminals or missing persons. But Protech Termite and Pest Control in Springfield, Virginia has dogs that can search out bugs in your home or business.

Roxy and Marlowe make up the only termite and pest K-9 detection team in the entire Springfield area. Marlowe, in fact, was trained at Forensic and Scientific Investigations, which also trains drug sniffing and arson detection dogs. Many times, human exterminators are not able to find termites behind walls, under floors or in other parts of a home or business that are usually inaccessible. With Marlowe’s extraordinary sense of smell, that is not a problem for him. Marlowe will go through the property to determine whether or not there are any termites. If he does find any, the technicians at Protech will get rid of them.

The other half of the K-9 pest control team is Roxy. With the rising problem of bed bug infestation across the country, Roxy is a valuable asset for Protech. Detecting bed bugs can take time, even for the most experienced of exterminators. Bed bugs are also very adept at hiding. They will not be able to hide from Roxy. She will sniff them out wherever they might be. Once bed bugs are found, Protech technicians will remove them using both chemical and non-chemical treatments. Best of all, since Roxy can find the specific areas where bed bugs reside, this means less of your home will need to be treated and that saves you money.

Termites cause an estimated one billion dollars in structural damage a year throughout the United States. Some insurance policies do not even cover that damage. Bed bugs feast on blood and can cause swelling or redness to the people they bite. A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. Keep these pests out of your home and save yourself money and discomfort. Call Protech Termite and Pest Control in Springfield, Virginia and watch humans and canines work together to make your home or business pest free.