Wildlife Control

ProTech Wildlife Control is Virginia’s leading pest control provider for both residential and commercial properties. ProTech Wildlife Control has been in business for over thirty years and they offer their services to eliminate pest in your home, including household insects, mice, rats, meal moths, pantry pests, grain weevils, bed bugs, and subterranean termites.

ProTech Wildlife Control guarantees results and they offer free estimates and inspections and real estate home inspections. They also provide emergency services and home protection plans because they really care about their customers.

The reason that ProTech Wildlife Control gives their guarantee on leaving a home 100 percent termite free is because they use a WDDO Certified Termite Detection K9 Team. Roxy and Marlowe are two dogs that are certified to detect termites and bed bugs. They are able to find termites where human detectors can not. They find pests that live behind walls, under floors, and in other areas that humans are blind to. ProTech is the only pest control provider in the area that can offer K9 detection services.

Another tool at ProTech’s disposal is Sentricon, a termite colony elimination system. Sentricon allows ProTech to go after termites in their very homes so that they will stop invading yours. It has been proven to provide long term protection. The Sentricon System works by baiting the termites with food that contains an active ingredient used to kill them off. The termites bring the food home, wiping out every termite in the colony. The Sentricon System uses very little chemical, giving you a safer way to eliminate pests. It is the first active ingredient accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Sentricon System has a low impact on human health, plants, and animals. It has also earned the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

ProTech Wildlife Control also uses SpectraGuard, a 5 step system that includes a thorough inspection, assessment, treatment and installation of pest control devices and The Sentricon System, and monitoring and upkeep of services every other month.
ProTech Wildlife Control’s efforts to be green and customer satisfaction make them a place you won’t want to overlook when dealing with your pest control problems.