Bed Bugs

ProTech is a full-service commercial and residential termite and pest control company located in Springfield, Virginia. The fully licensed, bonded and insured company is family-owned and serves the entire Northern Virginia region. Protech has been in operation for over thirty years and offers a selection of pest control services including the removal of bed bugs.

ProTech provides complete service for bed bugs with everything from inspection to treatment. In addition, the company is the only one in northern Virginia that has Roxy, a Certified K-9 Bed Bug Inspector. The first step in eliminating bed bugs is to find their source, and Roxy can detect their smell. Once the bugs are found, the professional ProTech team can eliminate them with both chemicals and non-chemical methods including steam and hot air.

Some individuals are not exactly sure how to identify a bed bug to determine if it is the source of their problem. The adult bugs are just less than a quarter inch long and are basically flat, with a brown to reddish brown color. The first sign of bed bugs is often the appearance of small reddish or brownish dots on the bed linens, which are actually bed bug fecal droppings. In addition, individuals using the bed might notice swelling on their skin which could indicate that they have been bitten by one of these bugs.

Once identified, many individuals feel that the bed bugs are evidence of dirty and unsanitary living conditions. However, this is not true and these bugs are sometimes found in some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. All it takes is one female bedbug to infest a bed as they can lay more than 500 eggs during their lifetime. In addition, each bug will shed their shell five times during the growth process. The bug can crawl into extremely small spaces between mattresses, linens and more.

If evidence of a bed bug is found, it is essential to contact Protech as soon as possible. The company provides free inspections and estimates, commercial services, real estate home sale inspections, emergency services and home protection plans.