Spiders don't bite… do they?

Spiders don’t gain any benefit from biting people. Biting a person does not benefit a spider, it only

wastes precious venom. Our other biters (mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, bed bugs) bite us because our

blood or other fluids supply them with food. Spiders have no interest in our fluids; they feed on insects

or other arthropods. Spiders bite people only in defense and even that rarely happens. When spider bites occur,

it’s usually because someone reaches into an old boot or other little-used object where a spider has been hiding.

The spider bites only as it is about to be crushed. Lest you think spiders are hanging around, waiting to bite at

the drop of a hat, consider this:

In a Kansas study of brown recluse spiders, 2055 brown recluses werecollected from one home during a 6 month period …yet not a single occupant was bitten!