EZ Treat – New Construction Termite Treatment

EZ Treat uses the latest government-approved technology in termite monitoring to provide protection for your home. No hazardous chemicals are used. It is the safest and most effective protection available and the most up-to-date application of integrated pest management.

EZ Treat is fully compliant with FHA, VA, and all other government requirements for new residential construction.

Call ProTech a few days before settlement to schedule your EZ Treat application (emergency service is also available).

Why EZ Treat instead of Liquid Pretreatments?
•EZ costs half as much as compliant liquid pretreatments
•Includes a $25,000 Future Damage Warranty effective day of treatment
•No dangerous chemicals – no need to remove workers from site and slowing construction
Save Time & Money

EZ Treat costs less than compliant liquid treatments. You can save 50% or more over the cost of the proper application of pre-construction of compliant liquid termite treatment. You owe it to your bottom line to check out the cost of EzTreat. Moreover, EZ Treat installs after construction which means no costly delays or interruptions caused by the critical timing needs of compliant liquid treatments.

$25,000 Termite Damage Limited Warranty
The structure is warranted against termite damage up to $25,000 for one year from the time of installation, which takes place after construction is completed. Liquid treatments are frequently applied 4 to 7 months prior to completion and can rob your buyer of half or more of any warranty. EZ Treat gives your purchaser a substantial added value over liquid treatments. A certificate of protection will be issued for each structure and clearly lists all qualifications, limitations and restrictions.

Reduce your legal liability
Strong chemicals can create a heath hazard to your employees or children and pets in the neighborhood. In areas with well and septic systems, these chemicals can pose a contamination risk for the well. Failure to retreat after grading can render a treatment ineffective and create a legal liability for the builder. The EZ Treat system avoids all these liabilities by using safe and government-approved monitoring devices, which are conveniently installed after construction is complete.