ProTech Pest Testimonials

(Protech) did a detailed review of all possible pest problems while walking the perimeter of our home, and made excellent and highly detailed drawings of what was found. The assessment was very thorough, professional, and comprehensive in scope. They submitted an estimate for complete pest removal and a regular spray maintenance program.

– Angie’s List Member, April 2011

Protech Termite & Pest Control took care of a termite problem that I was having in my home. [They] actually understood the problem and the steps to take to make sure my pest problem was taken care of. They were very professional people and I got the feeling that they were honest with me.

-Angie’s List Member, March 2011

I use Protech Termite Control for a termite control system installed around the perimeter of my home. The system was installed when I purchased the home 10 years ago and I have always maintained it. I have had no issues with Protech. They come on a regular schedule, leave a notice that they have been there, and include a summary of the findings. There is a once a year inspection inside my home.

– Angie’s List Member, March 2011