Gnats are back

  • · Getting rid of the gnats is the easy part. They love beer! They love cider! Just put a little bit in a shallow dish and leave over night. Just like a moth to a flame, the gnat will find your dish and drown in it. You will probably find several bodies floating in there in the morning.
  • · Getting rid of the larvae is more difficult. They love moisture. If you have any potted plants in or around your house, this is probably where your gnats first appear. Slice a potato in half and put it, moist side down, on the soil near the plant roots. In the morning you will find several larvae attached to the potato. Throw it away! Be sure your plant soil is dry to make this really effective.


  • · Find and eliminate all sources of fungus, mold, moisture, algae and etc. This could be the underside of wooden benches, the drippy part under your sink, the old wood pile alongside your house… this is where the gnats will go again and again no matter what you do.