The Inside Story on Termite Control

Termites can be an extremely destructive insect, causing damage to your home if they are not detected and quickly brought under control. It is important that homeowners be aware of the problems they can cause which may or may not be covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. In order to have peace of mind that your home is termite free, having a termite control professional come out and inspect your home is important.

They are only out in numbers two times each year, so the inspection must be thorough. One reason for this is that they prefer to stay in darkness, out of the sunlight and air. This makes their nests very hard to find. You can recognize termites by paying close attention to their physical traits, which include having a thicker waist than an ant, antennae that are straight and wings that come in sets of two. Some of the telltale signs that they are present include seeing small trailings of sawdust, remnants of their wings, wood damage and small holes in wallpaper or your drywall.

Keeping an eye on the termite control situation and to assess the severity of the problem at all times is important. Traps may be a safely set up around the home at critical areas where the termites prefer to feed the most. The professional will check these at regular intervals for any signs of termites. If they are found, the next step is to put out bait. The bait can either be installed safely below the ground or around the house if the problem is severe. The termites that find the bait will bring others back to it to feed. As the poison spreads throughout the colony, it is slowly killed off. The professional will then return to the home at times to check on the situation and monitor the progress of the colony’s destruction. By detecting, keeping a watchful eye on the situation and then installing bait to take out the colony, the problem is eliminated.