Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away This Summer

Many vacationers are currently enjoying the last of their summer get-aways blissfully unaware of what could be potentially lurking in their rooms.  During the summer months we become more aware of bed bug infestations due to increased travel.  Luckily, travelers … Continue reading

Pest Control For Your Business

Unwanted pests can cause many different problems for business owners. They can drive away customers, damage the building or destroy merchandise and equipment. Commercial services like ProTech Pest Control in Springfield, Virginia specialize in dealing with pests in commercial spaces. … Continue reading

Rat Lungworm Parasite…

A parasite that can cause meningitis in humans and animals is spreading throughout the state of Florida, with health officials fearing that it may be in other areas throughout the southern U.S. The parasitic roundworm, known as rat lungworm, is … Continue reading


  Different types of ticks carry different viral and bacterial illnesses Ticks and tick-borne illnesses are found all over the U.S., Different types of ticks carry different viral and bacterial illnesses, so it’s important to know which ticks are near … Continue reading

Prevent Mosquitos From Spoiling Your Summer

Every summer we anticipate the arrival of the dreaded mosquito to crash our backyard BBQs and parties.  Luckily there are steps you can take to help keep mosquitoes and the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses at bay. Simple steps such as removing … Continue reading

Protect Your Home With ProTech Pest Control

Need a safe and professional solution to your home’s pest problems this summer? The summer of 2017 is projected to have more termite and mosquito activity in the Maryland and Virginia areas. Be prepared and protect your home and family from these … Continue reading

New Science…

The Florida Keys are flying in 40,000 mosquitos a week, to take their own buzzing vacations, of sorts. “There’s 1,000 male aedis agypti mosquitos in this tube,” says Catherine Pruszynski, field officer for the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District. Pruszynski … Continue reading

Stink Bug Update…

They’re a pest well known to people who live in the D.C. area, especially when a person makes the choice to smash one, but this year you may encounter fewer stink bugs. “It’s a variety of factors we think that … Continue reading

The buzz of mosquitoes…

The buzz of mosquitoes could be more prevalent this year in the D.C. area due to the warmer temperatures. The cold-intolerant blood suckers, according to some experts, most likely had more of a chance of surviving the winter, since there … Continue reading

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