If you should see blue-winged wasps digging holes in the ground, you should leave the nests alone, and welcome these gentle and entertaining visitors. Although they can look frightening, these large and beautiful ground-nesting wasps don’t sting humans or pets.

They do have stingers, but they only use them on the grubs of Japanese and June beetles, which is why they’re in your yard — they’re killing the grubs that would have eaten your plant’s roots this fall and eliminating many future beetles.

Blue wasps in ground: good! Yellow wasps: bad!

But that is not true of the very different looking — and highly aggressive – ground-nesting wasp known as the yellow jacket.

If you see a lot of insects that look a bit like honeybees coming in and out of a single hole in the ground, back away slowly and contact a professional pest management firm.

Yellow jackets do sting people and pets. They like to sting people and pets. And that underground nest currently contains hundreds of yellow jackets — a population that will swell to thousands by the end of August.

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