What’s that noise in the attic? It sounds like something’s racing around up there! If you’re losing sleep listening to scratching and running noises in your attic, it’s most likely because tree squirrels have moved in. In urban and suburban areas, tree squirrels are difficult to control because of their great mobility and because people often encourage their presence by feeding them or providing nest boxes. It is relatively easy to keep squirrels out of buildings, but keeping them out of a yard,garden or home can be challenging.

The detection of tree squirrels is fairly easy. They are active during daylight hours and are highly visible. They are acrobatic climbers and have excellent jumping abilities. Anything you can do to make your garden less attractive to squirrels is helpful.Trees that overhang roofs or that are close to telephone lines should be cut back to slow their movement around your yard. If you have bird feeders in your yard, there are devices available to physically keep squirrels out of them.

Because they often travel on overhead telephone lines, power lines, and fence tops, they frequently find entrances at these heights. Even a small opening in the rafters can work, as squirrels can enlarge the holes by gnawing. In the absence of an obvious entrance, they will gnaw a hole to get into an attic.

Call on ProTech Pest Control to close those entry routes, because you never want to screen an animal inside a home or building, or separate a mom for her young. Sheet metal or 1/4-inch wire hardware cloth is suitable material for closing entrances. We can use screening to block all potential entrance sites such as small gaps under the eaves, overlapping roof sections, and knotholes, and can prevent tree squirrel access to buildings. One way to test whether any squirrels are left in the attic is to plug the entrance with a loose wad of newspaper; if any squirrels remain inside, they will remove the plug to get out.

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